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AJS clubs create a space for students of all academic disciplines to engage in pre-professional programming alongside Jewish students.

Students can access mentorship opportunities, workshops, interface with the student-body, join organizations on campus, engage with employers, and attend public lecture series featuring leaders across academia, the public and private sectors, all in a professional setting.

Through pre-professional programming, we can grow a tolerant and healthy future workforce in the face of rising 21st century anti-semitism.

Our clubs are spread throughout the world to build the foundation of a healthy professional relationships amongst Jewish-identifying and non-Jewish-identifying students.

We are built from the active participation of students from all religious, color, racial, socioeconomic, national origin and gender identities.

Unique features of an AJS club:

Pre-professional programming that aims to build a collegiate bond of professionalism between Jewish and non-Jewish identifying students

Hosted public lecture series featuring Jewish role models and leaders across academic fields, the public and private sectors to students at universities across the world.

Did you know?

One-third of Jewish college students experienced antisemitism on college campuses in 2021.

Common misconceptions


How does the AJS differ from Hillel?
(Imagine us as the professional Hillel)

Hillel is an institution that strengthens Jewish cultural and religious traditions on campus.

The AJS furthers Jewish presence in Academia and the workplace on campus.

We love Hillel, but our focus is on Jewish professionalism. 


Hows does the AJS differ from student unions?

We love and support Jewish student unions!

Jewish student unions fight for Jewish representation in academic policy at its host university.

The Jewish student union does not create a network between prospective employers, Jewish role-models and students on campus.


Is the AJS free to join?

As a non-profit organization (501(c)3 status-pending), membership to the AJS is completely free for all students, faculty and staff. 

We are entirely volunteer based, ran on donations from members across the world. 

A glimpse into our history

Founded in 2021, the AJS has grown to assemble university-funded, recognized student organization's (RSO) probationally affiliate recognized at the University of MichiganSyracuse University, Penn State University, and Elon University.

AJS NSO (New Student Organization) status has been achieved at University of Chicago, Barnard CollegeWake-Forest University, and University College London.
Student club leaders at these institutions are currently applying for RSO university-funded status.

Looking to join new or existing clubs?

Use our club locator tool to contact the student presidents and liaisons at these respective university chapters of the AJS!

Don't see your college listed?
Create an AJS club at your home college!

Visit our Chapter Creation hub,
or alternatively, email: Aden@Jewishstudents.org to learn more.

2021 - AJS is founded

In true "social network" fasion, the AJS was created by a Jewish college student in his dorm!

2022 - College students at universities across the world create  AJS clubs on campus

Students are assembling chapters at McGill University in Canada, the University College London in the United Kingdom, with registered chapter applications at the University of Michigan, Syracuse University, Penn State University, Elon University, Tulane University and the University of Rochester.

2022 - Our first academic, organizational and corporate sponsors begin interfacing with students!

Are you a prospective organization looking to network with Jewish students on campuses across America?

Please contact aden@jewishstudents.org to learn more!

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