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Costs of invited guest lecturers


Travel, room and board fees.

Speakers are 100% crowdsourced, entirely funded by the students and families of the AJS.

Costs of AJS operations 


Continuous upkeep of our digital presence (website and SEO), branding, legal, marketing campaigns, and partnership initiatives.

AJS leadership scholars fund


Starting in September, 2022, the AJS will award partial merit-based scholarships, annually, to high school students in the fall term of their senior year.

These scholarships will be awarded based on academic performance and high-school community leadership service.

This scholarship will be awarded to students planning to attend 4-year universities

New funding initiatives created by benefactors like you! 


Do you notice any undeveloped areas of the AJS not listed above?

As a crowd-funded non-profit, benefactors like you have control over initiatives you would love to see the AJS create.

Fill out the AJS benefactor registration form below to learn more.


Value most often donated

$ 18 ("Chai")

$ 8


monthly installment payments

$ custom


monthly installment payments

Payments are processed through 256-bit SSH grade encryption facilitated by BitPay.

*Please note:

We are 501(c)(3) status-pending.

Upon approval, future and past AJS donations will be tax write-off eligible.

Until our status is confirmed, however, donations are not tax deductible.

Pre-501(c)(3) status benefactors will be notified by email

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